Travel enthusiasts

Proximity experiences guided by local experts

A team of travel enthusiasts, eager to live and share memorable experiences on the Costa Blanca (Alicante) in Spain.

This project is born with the aim of sharing and preserving the natural beauty, rich history, culture and traditions, delicious gastronomy, and above all, the wonderful people who inhabit this spectacular corner of Spain – the Costa Blanca.

We have been in the tourism sector on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years, and yet, we always discover new experiences and meet new people with attractive and passionate projects. We want to accompany you to discover and live the most authentic experiences of the area.

We won’t tell you that we’re the best in the industry. We believe you, our experiencer, will say that.

What we will say is that we have designed these experiences with great care and affection, using our extensive experience and alongside our local, expert team, who love this area as much as we do, we will make you enjoy the area just as we would like to live it.

Thank you for discovering, living and enjoying the area sustainably.

Thank you for continuing to preserve, respect, and support local small businesses, in harmony with the people behind each of these experiences, as that local and personal touch makes each experience unique… Same same but different.